Knowmia Teach Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

iPadagogy - App Review - Teach by Knowmia Tutorial This app review and video tutorial looks at Teach by Knowmia, one of the best apps for producing annotated video lessons using ...

iPad Apps for Education - How to use Knowmia Teach iPad App in the Classroom - iPad Classroom

This video provides an overview on how to use Knowmia Teach app on the iPad in the classroom, and includes a small lesson review on how to 'count on'.

iPadagogy App Review Teach by Knowmia Tutorial

Knowmia App Demonstration

This demonstration video has been shared directly from my flipped learning seminars. Knowmia is an app for iOS devices that allows you to create great flipped ...

Knowmia teach

A short app review for Intel's Teachers Engage. A short demo of Knowmia's Teach app for screencasting.

Knowmia with Owen

This is Owen my son teaching me how to use Knowmia an app he has used for 2 years in his ...

Teach by Knowmia iPhone App Review

Create educational videos. Do you think your teaching skills can bring a change? Work on that thought, with the Teach app! It lets you create customized video ...

Noteshelf Tutorial

This video was created using Knowmia Teach Pro -

iPadagogy - App Review - Beep Me Tutorial This app review and video tutorial looks at Beep Me, a handy reminders app that has numerous setting to choose from.

Xperica HD iPad App Review

Xperica HD offers an in-depth and full-frills physical science lab experience on the iPad. Whether you're an educator looking for the next good lesson, or just a ...